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Episode 51

Creating Something Amazing

In this episode of Inside Jobs, we get to know Kristine Kobe, VP of Marketing & Advertising for Liquid Sunshine, the in-house agency at Keurig Dr Pepper. Tune in as Kristine offers her perspective on building a high-performing organization—starting with assembling a team of top talent that’s inspired by the work they do, the brands they support, and the results they deliver. You’ll also hear about the merits of getting to know the people on your team, the importance of paying attention to what matters to them, and why empowering individuals helps everyone shine.
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Episode 50

The Upside of Being Inside

In this episode of Inside Jobs, Jim Wortley expounds on advancing the creative agency at Loblaw—Canada’s largest retailer and provider of grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, financial services, and wireless mobile solutions. As an award-winning external agency creative director turned in-house advocate, Jim values the unique position and visibility that goes along with being on the inside. He and his team take full advantage of the insights they gain by seeing where Loblaw is headed as it unfolds, capitalizing on their exposure by delivering highly creative, highly impactful omnichannel solutions to a range of businesses.
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Episode 49

Finding Beauty in the Struggle

In this episode of Inside Jobs, Angel Maldonado opens up about what it was like growing up in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn during historically turbulent times and the motivation it gave him to pursue his education and eventually his career in creative marketing. Angel’s upbringing gifted him with a real-world perspective that earned him a reputation for maintaining calm amid chaos. Tune in as he talks about the influence key mentors had throughout his life, prompting him to explore assorted paths and build enduring relationships. Today, Angel leads with honesty, competence, humility and compassion, with the best of him inspiring the best in others.
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